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ProX 200 & ProX 300

Our ProX 3D printers allow us to consistently and quickly produce quality parts with a high-grade finish and resolution. The cornerstones of our additive equipment, these machines deliver accuracy consistent with EN ISO 2768 machining tolerances and a repeatability of about 20 microns in all three axes.


ProX 200

140 mm x 140 mm x 100 mm
(5.51 in x 5.51 in x 3.94 in)

ProX 300

250 mm x 250 mm x 300 mm
(9.8 in x 9.8 in x 11.8 in)

ProX DMP 320

275 mm x 275 mm x 420 mm
(10.8 in x 10.8 in x 16.5 in)

Additive Industries MetalFAB1

For industrial-quality production, the part reproducibility of the MetalFAB1 is assured through solid machine design in combination with advanced laser calibration technology that can be pre-programmed to automatically run at specified intervals. Predictability is achieved by combining part build simulation, scripted process controls and in-process quality monitoring.

Build volume: 420 mm x 420 mm x 400 mm (16.54 in x 16.54 in x 15.75 in)

EOS M280

The EOS M280 features exceptionally high beam quality of the laser spot.  The exeptional detail resolution is ideal for manufacturing highly complex DMLS components ensuring homogenous part properties job-to-job.  It offers a build volume of 250 mm x 250 mm x 325 mm (9.8 in x 9.8 in x 12.8 in.)

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